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My Meditation Story

I remember walking home that night. I was so angry at myself. I had become everything I said I would never be. I hated myself for it.

I remember falling to my knees in the middle of my street and calling out to the Universe or life or whatever was listening, to show me a better way…

Within two weeks of that rock bottom moment, I discovered meditation. I practiced twice a day for months and slowly but surely, my life transformed. 

My thoughts improved. My eating habits changed. I stopped drinking. I felt happier and more purposeful and I stopped spending time with my bad influence friends. 

My life changed so much in those first couple years of meditating, that eventually, friends started asking me to teach them what I was doing. 

Between 2009 and 2012, I taught more than 500 meditation workshops and retreats around the world. Then in 2012 I started producing world-class meditation tracks, with custom composed music, sharing all of the best techniques I had learned. 

My online meditations have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people from 70 or more countries (I honestly lost track). I’ve been ranked the #1 Meditation teacher on MindValley’s Omvana app and am ranked highly on a number of other mindfulness apps. 

I spent several years creating my Online Meditation Library and now, you can have all 40 Meditation Tracks for just $79. 

There is honestly a Meditation for Every Occasion in there. The practices range from 3-40 minutes long, there are dozens of techniques taught and I have every level of meditator telling me how powerful the guided audios are. 

So whether you’re going through a hard time, you can’t sleep, you’re feeling money stresses, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fear about the future or you’re looking to increase your focus, energy and positive influence in the world… there are meditations for you that you’ll love and look forward to everyday. 

If you try to buy my Meditation Library on any other platform they’re hosted on, you’ll pay at least $120/year for them. This is the best price on the internet (just one payment of $79)...

And the guided audio meditations are the best of the best of what I have created over the last 10 years. So enjoy and pay those good vibes forward!

Stay blessed!
Bradley T. Morris

meditation majik collections

The Meditation Majik Library

Exactly what you need to improve your health, boost productivity and achieve that happy, good-vibe glow you admire in others.

48 guided audio meditations
Learn dozens of techniques
Listen anytime, anywhere
BONUS: 16 Youth Tracks

3-10 Minute Meditations

  • Three Minute Meditation

    Needing a quick reset in your day? Feeling overwhelmed by something that just happened. Do this meditation and feel better immediately. Sometimes we need a reset button and this meditation is the closest thing to it.

  • The Prosperity Practice

    Prosperity is a feeling. When you embody this feeling, you open yourself up to the richness of being fully alive. Take some time to open your heart and embody the energy of prosperity.

  • The Money Meditation

    Want to attract more money into your life? Doing this meditation will open you up to new ideas, possibilities and money-making opportunities to take action towards.

  • Financial Health Meditation

    Having financial woes? This meditation will support you to heal your relationship with money, so you can allow more of it into your life.

  • Grateful Heart Meditation

    Gratitude is one of the most powerful, positive emotions we can feel. This meditation is phenomenal if you’re feeling depressed, down on your luck or uninspired in your life.

  • Self-Esteem Boost

    Confidence is not something that we’re born with - it is something we learn through practice. This meditation was created to help you feel stronger, more powerful and confident in your own skin.

  • Emotional Cleanse Meditation

    Emotions are natural. However, they need not run our life experience. Do this emotional cleanse meditation and choose to feel better right now.

  • Anxiety Relief Meditation

    So many people suffer from anxiety unnecessarily. This meditation will allow you to go about your day feeling whole, connected and happy.

  • Good Morning Meditation

    Never use “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed” again. Connect to your breath, your heart and a positive attitude of gratitude to flow into every new day your blessed to be living.

  • Acceptance Meditation

    Resistance is futile (and painful). This meditation supports you to soften, center and become the calm in the middle of whatever storm you’re passing through in your life.

Try a Sample Meditation

Gratitude is not an attitude. It is a feeling. Tap into the power of gratitude by connecting to your breath and opening your heart wide. 

10-20 Minute Meditations

  • The Presence Practice

    Your power is in your presence. With this practice you will enter into the center of your life experience so you can watch your thoughts, your desires and all that is happening in your world.

  • Grounding Meditation

    Grow roots deep down into the heart of the Earth. This meditation is going to help you feel deeply connect to yourself, the Earth and to all life in the Universe. Ground into your power.

  • Embodied Abundance Meditation

    Take this opportunity to connect to your breath and the true abundance that is dancing through your body and life in all now moments. Embody abundance.

  • Focus Meditation

    We live in the age of ADHD, however it doesn’t have to be this way. With a daily presence practice, we can train ourselves to become the focused, powerful humans we aspire to be.

  • Goodbye Pain Meditation

    This meditation is going to support you to connect to your breath, visualize wholeness, release pain and feel better than you are right now. Do as often as you need.

  • The Energizer

    This breathing practice is meant to charge up your cells, circulate stale qi and energize your body so you can power through your day. You will love it!

  • Momentum Meditation

    Looking for momentum in your life, business or with a project? This meditation will bring forth the energy, clarity and movement you need to move forward.

  • Acceptance Meditation

    The sooner we accept what is, the sooner we can move forward and create what we want. Acceptance is powerful for cultivating a peaceful body, mind and spirit.

  • Deep Roots Meditation

    Become powerful, rooted and connected to the Earth, just like a tree. This meditation is going to bring you into your body so you can be a source of calm in the world.

  • Breath Awareness Meditation

    Watching your breath is one of the most ancient and powerful forms of meditation. Treat this practice like a game as you stay connected to each inhale and each exhale. This is a true presence practice.

  • Sleep Now Meditation

    Have troubles falling asleep at night? This meditation will help you relax your body, slow down your mind and drift off into a deep, rejuvenating sleep so you wake up refreshed.

  • Breath Connection Meditation

    Often times when we’re stressed we disconnect from our breath. With this meditation you can correct your poor breathing habits and retrain your body to breathe the goodness of life in deeply, fully and consciously.

Try Another Sample Meditation

Take a three minute peace pause and see how powerful these simple practices can be for uplifting your attitude, energy and mood.

20+ Minute Meditations

  • The Journey

    This meditation is the best of the best of the meditation techniques I know and have practiced regularly over the years, all in one 40 minute journey. 

  • Life Visioning Process

    This powerful meditation will support you to gain some valuable perspective on which direction to take in your life. It will also help you create a clear vision for your life and clarify your next steps.

  • Facing Your Fears Meditaiton

    This meditation will guide you to look your fears straight in the face and overcome them. Experience this meditation and watch your fears fall away.

  • Aham-Prema Chanting Meditation

    Aham-Prema means “I am divine love” in sanskrit. It will bring you into a deep space of self-love and acceptance.

  • Deep Chakra Cleanse

    If you love toning and tuning your body like the instrument it is, then you are going to love this meditation so much. Give yourself the gift of this chakra cleanse.

  • Deep Sleep Meditation

    This 60 minute meditation is the perfect way to fall asleep at the end of a long day. Great sleeps guaranteed!

  • Chakra Reboot

    Journey inside the center of each chakra (energy center) up your body. Listen for the silent messages and use sacred sound to bring your chakras back into a state of alignment and balance.

  • Breath of Life Meditation

    This 30 minute practice has been called “a workout for the mind” and is the most powerful breath practice in the collection. It is a journey like no other. Enjoy!

  • Resolving Resitance

    Journey deep into the center of your cells and release trauma, resistance, fear, anxiety, negative belief systems and the voice of doubt.

  • Inner-Space Exploration

    In this meditation, you’re going to explore your inner space consciousness and the 70 trillion cells which make up your body.

meditation majik collections

The Meditation Majik Library

Exactly what you need to improve your health, boost productivity and achieve that happy, good-vibe glow you admire in others.

48 guided audio meditations
Learn dozens of techniques
Listen anytime, anywhere
BONUS: 16 Youth Tracks

Teen Meditations

  • Two Minute Mind Body Reboot

    Feeling a little "off?" Take a two minute breather to reset, refocus and feel better. It really does only take 2-minutes!

  • Three Minute Meditation

    Do you wish you had a reset button? Well, with this 3-minute peace pause you do. Press play and restart your day!

  • Self Esteem Boost Meditation

    Do you need a gentle reminder of how special, unique and loveable you are? Listen to this to remember.

  • The Study Zone Meditation

    Did you know that meditating before studying will help you focus better and retain more of what you learn? Try it!

  • Cellular Energizer

    This short practice will instantly increase your energy, help you feel better in your body and clearer in your mind.

  • Game Day Meditation

    Are you an athlete? Have a big game today? This meditation is for you. Do it in the half hour leading up to game-time to get you in the zone!

  • Deep Presence Meditation

    Your power is in your presence. This meditation can help you uncover how powerful you truly are.

  • Emotional Cleanse Meditation

    Emotions are normal. We are meant to feel things. But sometimes they can be overwhelming. If you're "feeling the feels" today, this practice is just for you. 

  • Full Body Relaxation Meditation

    Have troubles sleeping? Feeling anxious or pent-up? This meditation will help you relax your entire body from head-to-toe. Enjoy!

  • Sitting With Discomfort Meditation

    Sometimes life can be uncomfortable. This meditation will help you become more comfortable and accepting of that discomfort and the unknown. 

  • Happy New Day Meditation

    Start your day present, inspired and empowered. Breathe deep, choose who you're going to be today and have the best day ever! Try using this meditation as your morning alarm!

  • Making a Big Decision Meditation

    Do you have a big decision to make like choosing a college, starting or ending a relationship, whether or not to go out this weekend? Whatever it is, this meditation will help you connect to your intuition so you make the best choice for you.

  • Nature Connection Meditation

    When it comes down to it, we are nature. Everything in nature is reflected inside of us. The more we connect to the natural world, the more whole, connected and complete we feel. This meditation will help you attune to the great outdoors. 

  • Motivation and Inspiration Meditation

    Put on your headphones, close your eyes and get inspired. You're a human, flying through Planet Earth on a little planet called Earth. Now if that ain't cool, I don't know what is. Happy meditating!

  • Future Self Meditation

    Have you ever wondered who you're going to be later in life? What if you had the power to choose? And what would you ask if you met the Future You? This meditation will take you there.

  • Deep Sleep Meditation

    Ready for bed? Play this meditation as you rest your head.

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Bradley T. Morris, founder of Majik Media taught 500+ meditation workshops before producing the Meditation Majik Library. These tracks have guided tens of thousands of  people to build a daily practice they love and look forward to... and they can help you do the same!


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