ArchSmarter is here to help you work smarter with time-saving tools and targeted training that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency.

The Architect's Dilemma

Project schedules are getting shorter and shorter. Building types are getting more complex. The number of pages in the code books are growing exponentially.

It’s not enough to just work harder. There are only so many hours in the day.

You have to working smarter.

You have to master your tools to stay competitive.

You have to master our processes to produce better, more sustainable buildings.

Hello, I'm Michael

Once I started my own design firm, I realized that I couldn’t just throw all my time at a project, especially if I wanted to get home and see my family. I needed to think hard about what I’m doing and how I’m going to do it. Once I figured that out, I realized that I could work smarter. I didn’t need to put in the long hours. That I could actually design better, faster.

I founded ArchSmarter in 2014 as a way to help other architects become more productive and get the best results out of their design software. I’m a native New Englander. I live and work in Middletown, CT. Prior to starting Space Command and ArchSmarter, I was an Associate at Gehry Partners in Los Angeles. I also worked for a number of design firms in the Boston area. I received my B.Arch from Norwich University and an SMArchS from MIT. Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.